Music for Meows: Benefit Concert for Homeless Cats

Music for Meows: Benefit Concert for Homeless Cats

Music for Meows: Benefit Concert for Homeless Cats

When: Sat Feb 16, 2013 7pm to 1:30am 

Where: Jack Rabbits

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: Stray Cat Saviors Community Group is hosting our 3rd annual benefit concert to help the stray, feral and homeless cats in the Jacksonville, Florida area.
We are extremely excited and eager to meet you all and your friends & family once again for a tremendously fun night filled with live music, art, crafts, goodies, good people hanging out and truly good vibes ALL to help the homeless cats in our community who may suffer without our help.This benefit is sponsored by Jack Rabbits for the 3rd year. Tim Hall has been a true angel in his generosity and we are most grateful for him & the JR crew.
This years complete line up will be posted in just a few days or less and same as it ever was—we will host the silent auction and welcome donated art, crafts, gift cards from your business, & items that would be enjoyed by those bidding to help the homeless cats. Thanks to everyone for the enthusiasm, the efforts and the compassion for this cause that is so important not only to me, but to many of you as well. We are making a difference together as a community group of Stray Cat Saviors.

Tickets $10

ALL monies from Music for Meows (minus pay it forward 10%contribution donation to First Coast No More Homeless Pets) is used by the community group of caregivers to help support TNR, wet & dry food, flea rx, vet care as needed and long term colony management for homeless (stray-feral) cats throughout our community.After the 10% contribution all monies go to Stray Cat Saviors & is put to good use to help the homeless cats right here in our community have better lives. Thank you so much.

A 10%portion of the proceeds from Music for Meows ticket sales is always donated to First Coast No More Homeless Pets (a local low cost spay/neuter & wellness veterinary clinic.) We are not affiliated with FCNMHP and Stray Cat Saviors is a community group and not an official 501c3.
Thank you for giving to give to help the homeless cats who desperately need the help of caring humans.We appreciate your confidence in us as caregivers and community volunteers and invite others who wish to help by initiating TNR (trap-neuter-return) in their neighborhood to contact us or link to First Coast No More Homeless Pets website for invaluable services & resources @
The City of Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective Services offers the Feral Freedom program totally FREE (they appreciate donations of any amount of course) for feral and free roaming cats in the Jacksonville, Fl community.The cats are brought in humane traps (which can be rented for a refundable deposit upon return of the trap @ either FCNMHP or ACPS)) and then surrendered to ACPS where they are then transported to FCNMHP for spay/neuter, vaccines, care as needed and then the cats are transported by FCNMHP back to the address of the caregiver who will continue to feed, monitor and care for the cats long term. TNR is the only solution that works! TNR is a humane solution to hugely reducing the number of cats killed in city shelters as well as it is the humane solution to greatly reducing the serious domestic cat overpopulation crisis that has plagued our community and many others for far to long. Currently, the hours for drop off for Feral Freedom at ACPS are limited. Tues- Fri from 8am-12noon only (and are subject to change). You are welcome to contact the city 630-city for updated information in the future. ACPS is located at 2020 Forest St Jacksonville, Fl.
FERAL FREEDOM thru ACPS is a free service and actually has reduced the costs to taxpayers by estimated $150,000 annually here in Jacksonville, Fl. Before we became on track for becoming a NO KILL CITY (as we now are- YAY!), the city paid more to trap and kill these cats and of course, the problem never went away because people continued to not spay/neuter and the problem grew and grew. Today, we are working hard towards educating people in our community about how to be more responsible and how to do the right thing, plus we are connecting people to the available resources for free/low cost spay/neuter and even low cost vet care options.
Jacksonville, Fl is truly a lucky community.

Music for Meows line up:
Lauren Fincham
All Night Wolves
Dixie Rodeo
The Pinz
Status Faux

Open Mic?? thru end of night—or

We had 9 bands last year and it actually went very smooth despite some people telling me that it was too many bands.
Each act has 30 min sets & 15 min to break down/set up in between.
I am reluctant to add more than 8 as much as I would love for every one of my friends (and then somes) bands to play–hahah-seriously.
Please share this event with all of your friends.Look forward to seeing everyone for our once a year kitty party!!!

Love Meow.
Heather Meow Bruce

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Music for Meows: Benefit Concert for Homeless Cats