Flavor Run Jacksonville

Flavor Run Jacksonville

When: Sat Apr 5, 2014 9am to 12pm 

Where: Nocatee Community

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: The Flavor Run supports local charities and local businesses through creating a unique fun run engaging all of your senses; taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight.

During this family friendly 5k, there will be Flavor Stations that will cover you in fruit flavored (FDA Approved/All Natural Corn Starch) celebration color powder followed by a refreshing taste of delicious fruits.

The Flavor Run Jacksonville is meant for all levels and ages of runners. This 5K promotes a fun, family, community event where participants are coated from head to toe in different colored, fruit flavored, celebration powder at each mile. These FDA approved, all natural flavors, including banana, orange, grape, strawberry, watermelon, and blueberry will be spread throughout the run at aptly named "flavor stations" where runners will be covered with the powder as they run by.

YES. We said "fruit flavored" – Blueberry, strawberry, orange, banana, watermelon, and grape! Plus we have an awesome Post-Run Flavor Zone includes everything from fruit, vendors, live entertainment, and children's activities.

Sign up today for this fun, unique 5k experience. Our Flavor Team's Mission is to make you smile.


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Flavor Run Jacksonville