TSI discotheque closing its doors. Jacksonville says THANKS!

TSI discotheque closing its doors. Jacksonville says THANKS!

Dear Friends,
TSI discotheque will be closing its doors after eleven years in business. We opened in the Summer of 2004, and after eleven months, moved to our current location downtown. We’ve had the pleasure of working with and serving so many diverse people here in the music and entertainment scene, night in and night out, for over a decade; some 550 Saturdays. We’ve seen in our tenure our district grow from one venue to over a dozen, with more to come. Please join us for one last dance this weekend. We will be open nonstop Friday to Sunday, with an Oktoberfest squeezed in the middle. Our extensive lineup will feature sounds that cover the spectrum of our days, friends new and old, and a few surprises too. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you!

10pm: Inside: The Influence | Outside: Dialectable Beats
11pm: Inside : Tha Pranksta | Outside: Dialectable Beats

12am: Inside: Phat Phil | Outside: BadCat
1am: Inside: U4eahh | Outside: Shwillson Phillips
2am: Inside: Megatron
3am: Inside: Rob Ceville
4am: Inside: Aurakull
5am: Inside: Uprise
6am: Inside: **SECRET SURPRISE SET**
7am: Inside: BLK HDY
8am: Inside: Trunk Funker
9am: Inside: Dr. Vernon | Outside: John Magnetix
10am: Inside: DJ Pottski | Outside: TBA
11am: Inside: TBA | Outside: TBA
12pm: Inside: Sterlind Williams | Outside: Those Guys
1pm: Inside: Stoner & Friends | Outside: TBA
2pm: Inside: Knotwell | Outside: Big Bucks Crew
3pm: Inside: Jax Beach Hippie | Outside: Big Bucks Crew
4pm : Inside: G+ | Outside: Dillon Rose
5pm: Inside: DJ Schizo | Outside: Evan On Earth
6pm: Inside: SethEdemik | Outside: DJ Goldfinger
7pm: inside: RUFFIANS | Outside: Robert Brown
8pm: Inside: Al Pete | Outside: Jay Sensi
9pm: Inside: Kevin Snow (of Black Kids) | Outside: Chris24
10pm: Inside: Ride Out Lane | Outside: Man Darino
11pm: Inside: Ride Out Lane | Out: Rocks N Blunts

12am: Inside: Ride Out Lane | Out: Rocks N Blunts
1am: Inside: Parlay | Outside: Charlie Preston
2am: Inside: Bobby Newport | Outside: Triclops I
3am: Inside: Mason Masters
4am: Inside: Vlad the Inhaler
5am: Inside: Night Terrors
6am: Inside: Cry Havoc
7am: Inside: Cat Party
8am: Inside: DJK
9am: Inside: Jeff Randall | Outside: Zzaiden Ravfn
10am: Inside: Hammy | Outside: Bit Deff
11am: Inside: Team Grime | Outside: Chavante
12pm: Inside: D Rock | Outside: Paul Ferrari
1pm: Inside: Don Brad | Outside: Alberto Diaz
2pm: Inside: Stacy Osorio | Outside: Lurk City
3pm: Inside Giz-Roc | Outside: Duval Spit
4pm: Inside: Digital Rapport | Outside: William Kelly
5pm: Inside: Matt Henderson & the Invisible Friends | Outside: Carl Swaygan
6pm: Inside: Combustible | Outside: Ric Dolore
7pm: inside: Matthew Connor | Outside: KA$H
8pm: Inside: Don McCon | Outside: TBA

Thanks for the memories!

Charles Gaskins, Kevin Snow, Reginald Youngblood, Tim Lee, Chase Capot, Ray Natter, JJ Contramus, Brendan Clark, Brandon Peck, Drew Alexander, Sujin Yu, Beth Harrel, Catherine Faulk, Tracy Selvig, Jillian Byrd, Paul Zimmerman, Anthony Cantonese, Johnathan Lux, Jarod Bowser, Johnathan Berlin, Dan Snyder, Roy Clark, Mark Lynn, Landon Cole, Cash Carter, Liam Happenstance, Ally Youngblood, Dan Waily, Donny Mcconnell (Don McCon), Matt Hume, Sean Todd, John Drewniany, Nick Fresh, Omar Shabaz, Joe Vandyke, Kristy Fontalera, Tyler Black, Kyle Davis, Emily Moody, Allen Oteyza, Preston Anthony, Elon Heirs, Will Watkins, Marlene Gandoza (Marlene Garbanzo Bean), Annie Mcguire, Nicole Ayers, Jason campioni, Jennifer browning, Nicole Margaret, Gabriel Mieja, Vlad Kulishevskiy, Hal Warth, Seth Edemik Blessinger, Mark Kieran, Erin Wood, Nikki Todd, Kylan Dees, Tyler Rybecky, Amber Gock, Jason Combustable Rickerson, Thomas Spektrum Daley, Jessica, Wells, Morgan (Mo Fox) Carl Cochrane, Mathew Harper Birmingham, Samantha ND, Deb Aunare, Beau Damian, F Kyle Marshal, Bobby Lester, Dub Theorist, Veronica Dame, Jmone Harris, Ezra Adams, Hannah Batten, Perry Hanson, Kara Sanders, John Shippee, Nikki Todd, Erin Wood, Noel West, Melissa Mango, Peter Osborn, Megan Henderson (Meg Moon), Al Pete, Shannon Ludlum, Matthew Vernon, Scott Perry, Les Moore, Andrew Stanton, Chris Brown, Ian Daniel Sassa, Jessica DuPont, Max Michaels, Randy Whitlock, Autrelle Holland, Alexandra Ni, Bill Cook, Dan Hammil, Mason Masters, Noell Schofield, Connor Dworschak, DJ Monstah, Love Reigns, Tay Smith, Byron Brown.