Student Troupe Auditions

When: Sat Jan 21, 2012 2pm to 5pm 

Where: Anais Bellydance and Fusions Studio, 10300 Southside Blvd. (inside Avenues Mall, next to Belks)

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: Rakettes!
Anais Belly Dance & Fusions is holding auditions for a brand new student troupe! This will provide a creative outlet for students to express themselves, make new friends, and be able to exhibit their talents on stage! Join us on a new journey through bellydance!

For the audition-
Dress comfortably and be prepared to learn a short choreography and perform it as a group and by yourself. You will also be handed a questionnaire to answer.

Prequisites to audition are:
· Must be at least 13 years of age
· Must have a strong basic foundation in the art (starlet 1/2 level ) in any
style of BELLYDANCE – experience in tribal fusion, ATS & other dance
styles & performance art are pluses
· Must be comfortable with performing in front of small & large audiences
· Must be physically fit/healthy
· Must have reliable transportation
· Must be willing and able to attend the minimum required classes (2 a
· Must be willing and able to attend all scheduled rehearsals
· Must be willing and able to purchase required costuming
· Must be willing & able to supply their own shoes/footwear, makeup,
hair accessories & jewelry
· Must be willing and able to hand sew personal costuming (machine
sewing skills a plus)
· Must be consistently punctual
· Must have great communication with the director
· Must be open to direction and constructive criticism
· The above requisites are not fixed but variable dependent on overall

***Please note that additional personal practice, classes and workshops may be required. Technique is learned and drilled in classes, not at rehearsals. Failure to attend classes and improve your technique and dancing is not accepted!

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule: Mondays 8pm-9:30pm and /or Saturdays 4:30pm-6pm. at Anais Belly Dance & Fusions. These times are not set in stone. The exact weekly rehearsal time will be determined once we have all the members chosen.
NOTE: Rehearsals may (and will, as needed) go OVER in time – company members are expected to stay as late as needed. Additional rehearsals are added (as needed)
Monthly Troupe Fee: $40

Hope to see all of you at the auditions!

-Anais Staff