Improv Workshops Start on April 9th

When: Mon Apr 9, 2012 6:30pm to Mon Apr 9, 2012 9:30pm 

Where: Arlington Congregational Church

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: When: 7 weeks of workshops (6 classes + 1 make up session), starting on Monday, April 9th from 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Arlington Congregational Church – 431 University Blvd North, Jacksonville, FL 32211-6997

Cost: $100 – cash or check made out to "Mad Cowford Improv."

Beginners Workshop:This is an introduction to improvisation. No prior improv, comedy, or theatre experience is required. Learn how to think on your feet better, hone your listening skills, and have fun doing it! It does not matter whether you are an actor, a plumber, a lawyer, a comedian, or any other occupation: you will learn the same fundamentals of improvisation which most of the great comedic performers of the last few generations have learned.

Some of our best students are not the most extroverted. In fact, a lot of our students were quiet (at least, at the beginning of the workshops), good listeners, and mentally quick.

So, join us, and find the improviser hidden within you!

Advanced Workshop: This is the next phase of Mad Cowford's improvisation training. The concepts are deeper, the games are more advanced, and the laughter keeps coming. You will continue to improve your ability to listen and support others. Your reward will be a student performance at the end of the workshop. NOTE: You will need to have completed the Beginners Workshop or have experience that equals the learning in the Beginners Workshops. Please send a note to [email protected], if you want to be a part of the Advanced Workshop.

You will learn the fundamentals of improvisation in a safe, supportive environment. You will find that laughter in an improvisational setting is more based upon finding the truth in comedy rather than creating jokes and double entendres. These classes will benefit you in your every day life by helping you to think on your feet, how to better support and listen to others, and will help you build self esteem.

As an added bonus for our workshoppers, students will receive 2 for 1 admission to every one of our Friday night and Saturday night shows during the 7 weeks (up to $40 savings).

ACTION: Here is the important part: if you want to join us for the workshops, please send a note to [email protected] ASAP. In order to maximize the learning and the benefits of the workshop, we have a limit of 15 students per workshop, so please respond quickly.