BLK HDY & DNSTY iNC Presents: One Night In The Trap

BLK HDY & DNSTY iNC Presents: One Night In The Trap

When: Fri Nov 30, 2012 9pm to 2am 

Where: Brewsters Roc Bar

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: —————- DNSTY iNC Presents——————-
—————– Night In The Trap ——————-

Heroes x Villians

Armed with this experience, roots in punk/hardcore and an appreciation for Southern rap music, Heroes x Villains start their ascent with warbling, bass heavy, electronic dance music remixes of Waka Flocka Flame's 'Oh Let's Do It' and Gucci Mane's 'Lemonade'. These, a remix of Lil' Jon and Diplo's 'U Don't Like Me' and several others make up 'We Off That,' their first mixtape which garners critical acclaim.

Less speakers burst into flames these days but Heroes x Villains DJ sets remain as caustic as ever. Stage diving and raucous mosh pits are regular occurrences; champagne spraying in every direction and half naked women moving in ways their parents wouldn't likely approve of come standard. The raw, occult like energy and track selection is a manifestation of how Disaster and fans of Heroes x Villains choose to live: shameless, unrepentant, maximalist hedonism.

Heroes x Villains barreled into 2012 as diverse and dangerous as ever. Beginning in early January, they introduced the weekly 'BLXRRD OXT' series, manipulating records like Young Jeezy's ode to intoxication 'WXY 2 GXNE' and England's dark pop princess Charlie XCX 'NUXLEAR SEAXONX' into soundtracks for a haunting, drug-addled haze.

And in February, showcasing the two year progression of Southern rap music fusing with electronic dance elements, comes rising Atlanta rap group FKi's mixtape 'Transformers In The Hood' produced by Diplo, Heroes x Villains and Atlanta EDM producer Mayhem.

With genre-bending, rule breaking unpredictability as their calling card, it's pointless to attempt to figure out what Heroes x Villains may do next… best to just sign the waiver and enjoy the ride

Greehouse Lounge

Jacksonville, Florida's Greenhouse Lounge is an electronic musical trio that combines the computer based production of a DJ, accompanied by rock guitar leads, heavy synthesized bass and live drums. They are adept at merging these rumbling dub basslines with pumping electronica beats, breakbeat dynamics and staggering sample manipulation. Their music can be described as euphoric; a hypnotic based sound; tightly woven sonic soundscapes that are rich in melody and texture.

Phoenix Jagger

From his own words "I'm Phoenix Jagger & I'm 20 years old. originally from a small town on the beach, i currently reside in orlando. I have a thirst for music that will never be quenched. I've always related to this art through out my life, and i've found that making and producing music is my true passion. I've been DJing for over 3 years now and i've had the opportunity to meet and mix with some of the most talented artists whom i look up to and listen to daily. I live for being on a stage, connecting with the crowd, knowing that the one thing i get the most enjoyment out of happens to be the same thing thats driving the crowd wild. From Filthy Electro Bangerz, Bone Crushing House Anthems to Elbow throwing Trap that you can't help but get the fuck down to, i'd say i throw down a little of everything. I Live.Dream.Think. This is what I live for, and I'm only getting started."

Vlad The Inhaler

The homie needs no introduction. This is the Bawse of Crunchay Productions and one of the main reasons Florida gets to experience so much great music. The man constantly holds it down every week at Crunchay Sunday and always puts on a hell of a show. If you don't know, you better ask somebody.

Taylor Wells

Bangarang's own son Taylor Wells has been constantly throwing down with the freshest sounds available. This mix maker extraordinaire has made his mark on the town and has no intentions of stopping.

Dj Zero

Zero has been in the game for a while playing everywhere from the crunchay stage to ultra music fest. He constantly brings that fire to the dance floor and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Yung Vizzo

Jacksonville's own hip hop heavy hitter Vizzo has been crushing the competition with his own style for a while now. Constanly on the grind the homie has created his own mark on this city. You are in for a hell of ride with Vizzo at the helm.

Dub Theorist

Lets be Clear here, Dub Theorist is NOT a DJ. He is a live electronic music performer. When performing live, he does not use records or CDJ's. This is all done with out the assistance of a Ableton, or any DJ applications. If you see a computer it is for midi routing and recording the live shows.Most of this was done with Hardware Specific Devices. Most of these recordings were captured at live shows, there are a few that are studio experiments. Now sit back and let him Melt your Face with his Bacon-o-Ray-Guns o Bass n Filter.

Photography by Tommy Wilhelm with Craze Nightlife

Videography by Marshal Wand Films

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