LUSH 2.0

LUSH 2.0

LUSH 2.0

When: Fri Oct 18, 2013 10pm to 2am 

Where: Amc Imax Theater Tallahassee Fl

Event Status: confirmed

Event Description: She ignored me ‘til I was 21. She was vintage …

I demanded to have her whether in public or in private. She was sexy like that. Dripping legs, beautiful body, natural tones and a taste that made the lips jealous of the tongue with a trip to ecstasy that justified the affair. Her arrival was my starting point. She joined me for dinners and dialogue until becoming more involved. We were members of the Mile High Club – We flew first class together.

She was gangsta. She’d ride with me and if we got pulled over, she’d get me in trouble. She was dangerous. She was gorgeous and distracting. I reached my limit, but she kept finding her way into my hands. I pushed her off. We called it quits. She filed for abuse …

I guess I’m just a lush.

Whether a lush for wine or for lush women, The Top Shelf Experience offers you both. Maybe you’ll finally get that one that got away.

This Homecoming affair comes with conversation, sophistication, all you can drink top-shelf liquor, wine & beer & tealight candles atop tall tables with tall women. Those other parties don’t.

Come kick it with the cool crowd. Super sexy, no hassle – just good times. Let’s relive old memories while creating new ones.

The Top Shelf Experience: LUSH
Friday, October 18th – 10:00pm until …
Brought to you by: Kings of Cool
Written by: Enitan Bereolaesque Bereola

LUSH 2.0

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LUSH 2.0