theLOFT Thursdays – Friday the 13th Edition

theLOFT Thursdays – Friday the 13th Edition

We’re getting into the holiday spirit early this year. Christmas? Nah. HALLOWEEN IS COMING AND WE’RE EXCITED.

At midnight on Thursday on King Street we will have ticked over into Friday the 13th. All classic horror movies on the big screens all nite. Discuss your October costume plans for early between throwing back shots & dancing.

Dance Party Madness with
▽ DJs Wes Reed & Josh Kemp ▽

▽ Hosted by the daunting Ms. Shannon Pilcher ▽

► Kill the Keg: Free PBR at 9:30 PM

► The ladies of Wild Turkey American Honey will be giving out free shots.

→ Drink Specials at theLoft on King Street Jacksonville ←
$2.50 PBR Tall Boys
$5 Tecate 24 oz cans
$4 Smirnoff

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